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Aquapark "Happy Day", Dnipro

Today, hardly anyone can be surprised by an aqua park in a big city, but in the Dnipro until the summer of 2016, you could only count on separate aqua zones or water slides. The first real water park opened its doors on June 11, 2016. It became Happy Day with 7 slides of different levels of "stiffness", a pool for adults with a total area of more than 1000 m2, two huge jacuzzi baths for 20 people each, as well as a children's pool, a recreation area , bar and restaurants.

Visiting the water park is always a holiday, and with the appropriate musical accompaniment, it will definitely be even brighter and more joyful. This task was set by the management of the Happy Day water park before the project department of the SoundHouse company - to install and launch a background sound system for all areas of the water park with the possibility of presenting advertising and informational voice messages. To fulfill the task, APart all-weather acoustic systems were chosen, which were installed on lighting masts, slide structures, and building facades in such a way as to ensure uniform sound coverage of the entire territory of the water park. Two Electro-Voice PA2250T two-channel broadcast power amplifiers are used to power the entire system, and the control of the background sound system is, of course, carried out by the AMOZzPLAYER software multi-zone player. Carrying out all the functions of a full-fledged sound system, it is an economically very profitable solution in all parameters - from the direct cost of the license and hardware implementation, to the simplicity of programming and management.

In addition to the general background sound system, the Happy Day water park has a fairly powerful sound reinforcement system for parties in the area of the HD BAR, which is located in the very center of the water park. During the summer season, several parties are held here during the week and every weekend, so our experts took a serious approach to the selection of equipment to meet the requirements of fashionable DJs and the public, as well as to stay within the budget and not exceed the standards for the sound level at night. There is no portal system as such - all four dual-band Electro-Voice ZX3-90 satellites with a maximum sound pressure level of 131 dB are placed on tent poles around the bar and make up a distributed sound system. They ensure even sounding on the adjacent site, so that visitors feel comfortable and can enjoy the music in peace. The DJs themselves are not offended by the sound either - they have a powerful Electro-Voice ZLX12P two-way speaker system at their disposal, and the Electro-Voice TX1181 subwoofers with a maximum sound pressure level of 132 dB located near the DJ table do not allow them to chew. These subwoofers are mounted in a cardioid configuration to maximize sound direction to the audience and reduce signal dispersion. The entire system is powered by Electro-Voice Q-1212 two-channel power amplifiers and driven by an Electro-Voice DC-One digital sound processor.

According to the results of the first season of operation, the background sound system and sound reinforcement system for holding parties received only good reviews from the management and staff of the water park, and judging by the number of vacationers during the day and at parties at night, they liked it too! So we look forward to seeing you next season!

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