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The biggest "Auchan" in Ukraine was voiced
by Electro-Voice

The SoundHouse PRO company performed design, supply and installation of a multi-zone audio broadcast system in the first line of the new Rive Gauche shopping center of the Auchan Holding company in Poznyaki (Kyiv). "Auchan Holding" is a French corporation with more than 50 years of history, which owns a network of supermarkets and hypermarkets around the world, occupying the 11th place in the world in the distribution of food products.

The system proposed by the SoundHouse company is built according to the following principle:


Installed on the system computerAMOZzPLAYER softwareand DANTE DVS virtual card, pre-configured in AMOZzPLAYER, audio streams from the players are sent through the outputs of the DANTE virtual card to the local Ethernet network of the shopping center and are then received by the DANTE input interface of the Electro-Voice N8000 OM-1 processor. After routing and processing by the processor, the signal, through the AO-1 output module, is fed to Electro-Voice CPS8.5 multi-channel amplifiers with RCM810 remote control and monitoring cards, and the amplified signal is fed to loudspeaker lines in each zone of the facility. If it is necessary to use a local signal source (player or microphone) in a separate area, the Dante RDL DD-BN31 connection panel can be installed, with which a connected microphone or line source can be transferred from anywhere in the shopping center to the OM-1 N8000 processor module or directly to the AMOZzPLAYER input as an external player.

Comment from SoundHouse PRO company director Andrii Garkavoy: "In addition to our offer of a system based on Electro-Voice components, options on the equipment of several well-known manufacturers were presented at the tender, but thanks to AMOZzPLAYER, we were the only integrator who offered a solution using full automation, remote management of the entire system from any point of the shopping center and the possibility of almost infinite expansion of the system, without significant investments in cable networks... In addition to a sophisticated technical solution, our system turned out to be the simplest as well!"

The advantages of our solution using Electro-Voice and RDL hardware and AMOZzPLAYER software player are as follows:

  • Unlimited number of zones

  • Ease of configuration

  • The minimum equipment is one computer, one amplifier, one controller and then the necessary number of acoustic systems and interfaces for the organization of 8 zones.

  • Simple expansion - simply connect the RDL interface anywhere on the local network and you can receive/send audio streams. Thus, in the future, it is possible to create/expand audio broadcasting in an unlimited number of zones, with the help of retrofitting only speaker systems and amplifiers.


In this project, AMOZzPLAYER allows you to automate the broadcasting of a large volume of various content to the required number of zones, giving the opportunity to perform the following actions according to the schedule:


  • Enable and disable each zone

  • Change the volume level in each zone

  • Playing a playlist (advertising or software) or a message

Another advantage of AMOZzPlayer is the presence of a web interface for remote management within the local network, as well as for external management via the Internet (VPN, RemoteDesktop, TeamViewer), while the program can be accessed from anywhere in the world and from almost any device.

The offered version of the system is characterized by high reliability, but an additional plus is that all components belong to its own distribution, so technical support and service can be carried out in the shortest possible time and at the highest level.

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