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New high-quality sound for the Jaguar Land Rover luxury car showroom in Dnipro.

In the summer of 2019, the Jaguar Land Rover client center of the AELITA company in Dnipro contacted us with an order for the sound design of the car showroom on Yasnopolyanska Street. We were given a simple and clear technical task - it is necessary to provide multi-zone background sounding of exhibition halls and adjacent premises with individual control of music volume levels, and the priority was the possibility of remote control of the system using mobile devices of authorized personnel.

In total, several zones were allocated in the car showroom: separate showrooms of the Jaguar and Land Rover brands, waiting areas, a cafe, a rest area and a room for issuing cars to customers. Taking into account the initial installation to obtain high-quality sound, the client was offered the Electro-Voice EVID C8.2LP ceiling loudspeakers, which, thanks to the low-profile design, are perfectly mounted in almost any suspended ceiling system. These models use an 8" diameter woofer with a coaxially mounted 1" titanium driver, which provides a flat frequency response in the range up to 20 kHz, and an acoustic chamber with a phase inverter allows you to provide a fairly deep bottom, as well as a confident and dense midrange, especially in the speech range. In addition, ceiling loudspeakers satisfy the concept of background sound as much as possible - with sufficient installation density, they provide sound that, thanks to the almost complete invisibility of the sources themselves, comes from nowhere.

Powering the loudspeakers and feeding various musical content to individual zones is provided by an eight-channel broadcast amplifier Electro-Voice CPS 8.5 (8 x 500 W at 100 V). All the initial settings and configuration of the system were performed in the IRIS-Net software shell, but the control of music content according to the schedule and in manual mode, as well as the adjustment of volume levels are performed in the software broadcast player AMOZzPLAYER, which, in addition to music content on the local computer, can broadcast signal from Internet resources from iTunes, YouTube Music and other popular streaming services to web radio. The cabin administrator's microphone terminal is used to send voice messages.

The audio signal is sent from the control computer, on which the AMOZzPLAYER software player is installed, to the broadcast network via the DANTE digital network protocol through the D-TPR2A and D-TPS2A receiver-transmitter pair manufactured by the American company RDL.

The peculiarity of this project was the high ceiling height in the exhibition halls, but this did not become a big problem thanks to the excellent acoustic parameters of the used loudspeakers and the competent placement of the loudspeakers in accordance with the previously performed acoustic calculations.

Our customer was extremely satisfied with the work performed - the preparatory and installation work was performed in a short time and extremely accurately, and the new high-quality sound now creates a pleasant atmosphere every day when choosing a new luxury car for customers and comfortable working conditions for the entire staff of the car showroom.

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