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GOOD ZONE is a suburban paradise for recreation and work

The GOOD ZONE family recreation park is located near the Dnipro, drowning in a pine forest on the picturesque banks of the Samarchuk River. 15 kilometers separate this corner of paradise from the Kharkiv-Dnipro route, so that guests can fully immerse themselves in rest, focus on their work or immerse themselves in the program of corporate events.

On the vast territory of the complex there are many objects - two-story buildings with rooms of different capacities, separate houses for recreation, a business center with a conference and cinema concert hall, as well as a restaurant with excellent cuisine.

Our cooperation with the suburban complex began many years ago, and we constantly install new sound reinforcement systems or modernize systems installed by other companies earlier during the complex's many years of operation.

The works in 2018 consisted precisely in the modernization of the sound systems of the Seezone restaurant, the Bikini bar on the beach, as well as the Lobby bar recreation area. Our engineers have developed a scheme for expanding the sounding area by installing new EVID S44 loudspeaker systems in individual rooms, as well as strengthening the low-frequency support of the installed systems with the help of additional EVID S40 subwoofers.

In addition, we consolidated sound management in all public areas (restaurant halls, lobby bar, bathrooms, terraces and other premises) into one center and prepared the network infrastructure for connecting the software multi-zone player AMOZzPLAYER, which allows you to compile different playlists for weekdays and holidays has a message manager, and most importantly, it can be managed remotely through a very simple and convenient web interface over the Internet, even from anywhere in the world.

Working on objects in GOOD ZONE always brings pleasure thanks to the wonderful nature around, the only difficulty is that you have to work only at night, when everything around freezes. But the most important thing for us is the fulfillment of the assigned task and positive feedback from the customer!

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