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JAM Factory Art Cent

          Jam Factory Art Center is a contemporary art institution that addresses the challenges of our time and takes a critical stance on global and local processes in society to strengthen and promote its development. Through our exhibitions, theatrical performances, music events, educational initiatives, and community-oriented projects, we engage people in dialogue and enrich their experiences and knowledge.

             Our company made the following works for this project:

  • Concept design.

  • Preparation of project documentation.

  • Supply of equipment.

  • Assembling.

  • Programming of all systems.

  • Commissioning.



  • Sound system.

  • Lighting system.

  • Truss.

  • Curtains system.

  • Video system.

  • Mobile stage.

  • Automation and control system.


  • Electro-Voice

  • Dynacord

  • ROBE

  • Midas

  • AMX

  • Milos

  • Nec

  • Klotz

  • Nivtec

  • HiCross

  • Audinate

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