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 «Koya» Club in Kyiv city

Kyiv is rich in a variety of restaurants and night clubs of different scale and orientation, and each has its own individual characteristics, but among them there are some establishments that can be safely called unique. Among them is the restaurant of Asian cuisine and the bar "Koya" in the commercial and office center of business class "Arena City", which is located in the heart of Kyiv. Such a situation is very binding, therefore the administration and staff of the trendy Koya restaurant make every possible effort to ensure maximum comfort for their guests. This applies primarily to excellent Asian cuisine, a bar with an excellent cocktail menu and a laconic modern interior, and the technical equipment of the establishment is also made at a high level.

Restaurant "Koya" has three floors, each with its own purpose and concept, and recently the third floor underwent a major renovation and expansion of the premises, which allowed to increase the area of the hall by 2.5 times. Such a radical increase in the room caused the renewal of the sound reinforcement system. Now the stage for live performances is located near the bar right in the middle of the hall between the two large rooms, so the artists work in all 360°, rotating in turn to one and then to the other part of the audience.


Portal sound reinforcement systems with two QRx 212H/75 speakers are directed to each half of the hall, which are connected in a biamp to CP3000 amplifiers. Vertical arrays of four ETX18SP subwoofers are placed on the sides of the column on each side of the stage. Thanks to this placement (two forward and two back), the maximum increase and uniformity in the low-frequency range was achieved. As there is a large room on each side of the stage, two TX1152s and five TX1122s, which were requested from the Q99 amplifiers, were additionally installed as a delay line to ensure a uniform sound field throughout the hall. Each of them has individual settings, as they are located asymmetrically in the hall. Thanks to the compact design of all used acoustic systems and the interior design features of the hall, they do not catch the eye and do not obscure the artists on stage.

Right here on the third floor there are two VIP areas for special guests, one of which is located in a separate room, and the second is simply located at the far end of the first hall. Two ZX1i-90 speakers are installed in the VIP areas, which are also powered by Q99 amplifiers. In each zone, individual settings are applied, taking into account the delay and distance from the stage.

The control of the sound reinforcement system consists of an N8000 sound matrix processor with additional modules MI1, three AO1 and DM1. The high performance and flexibility of the configuration of this sound processor allowed us to configure control channels for controlling portal systems with four QRx 212H speakers (8 channels in BiAmp mode); eight portal subwoofers ETX18SP (2 channels); 2 channels for TX1152 and 5 channels for TX1122 from the delay line; 4 channels (two stereo) for two VIP zones; 2 channels for the areas of the first and second floors. A total of 23 control and processing channels were obtained.

Electro-Voice speakers are also used for background sound on the first and second floors. So, in the area of the second floor, compact broadcast acoustic systems ZX1i-100T are installed, and in the area of broadcast in the bar on the first floor, the legendary EVID 4.2 acoustic systems are used.

Since the entire facility occupies several floors, it is quite logically divided into separate zones, which allows individual music content to be broadcast to each zone - a previously formed music playlist or sound from the stage on the third floor during the performance of a DJ or a live band. To provide multi-zone background broadcasting, as well as signal transmission from the stage to all other zones, the AMOZzPLAYER program is used, connected to the N8000 processor via the Audinate Dante Virtual Soundcard, which in WDM mode provides transmission and reception of up to 16 digital audio channels in each direction one Ethernet connector. This software-hardware connection AMOZzPLAYER + DVS + N8000 + DM-1 allows you to create up to 16 independent broadcasting zones plus the application of necessary filters and delays, as well as frequency and dynamic processing of the sound signal for each of these zones.

Thus, the expansion of the useful area on the third floor stimulated the modernization of the sound system of the entire institution, and the use of the AMOZzPLAYER software player for multi-zone broadcasting significantly facilitated the management of music content. I would like to add that all work was carried out without closing the facility and in the shortest possible time, however, the customer was very satisfied, and you can verify the high quality of the sound by personally visiting this wonderful facility.

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