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Lucia Banquet Hall - the beginning of a new era of high sound quality

Working in conjunction with several companies to update a restaurant with a fifty-year history is a great responsibility and a great honor. The company's specialists successfully carried out work on the reconstruction and updating of the sound system of the well-known Lucia Banquet Hall restaurant in Dnipro.

The history of the Lucia Banquet Hall restaurant began back in 1967 under the name "Flame". During this time, the restaurant has undergone several radical changes in the image and direction of the cuisine, and the only thing that has remained unchanged is the highest level of service and the desire to please its customers in everything. Each change took place on the wave of current trends - from the combination of a public catering enterprise with a concert stage to the organization of a casino and, finally, the entrance to a completely new level of a banquet hall with multifunctional halls that can quickly and easily transform from an everyday restaurant hall to a hall for holding various events from solemn away wedding ceremonies to corporate events. In May of this year, the Banquet House underwent major changes, and the SoundHouse PRO company was entrusted with the re-equipment of the entire sound and show design system, as well as the video system.

The peculiarity of this project was the short deadline - only 21 days for the dismantling of old systems, installation, connection and configuration of new systems, while several contractors were working at the facility at the same time, who had to coordinate their actions when performing work on common areas.

The specialists of our company were tasked with developing the concept of the main stage in the Great Banquet Hall, the workplaces of the sound engineer, video operator and editor, as well as the lighting operator. The second task was to provide switching capabilities for the entire set of equipment to move the stage when the hall configuration changes. For the comfortable work of video operators and various options for the location of sound and light equipment in the halls for meeting guests and holding ceremonies, it was necessary to ensure multi-format video connections throughout the hall.

The main task of portal sounding of the hall during shows and concerts was solved by a set of Electro Voice TX2152 loudspeaker systems installed in a stack on Electro Voice TX2181 subwoofers. Electro Voice ETX series ETX-12P speakers were used as monitor lines on stage.

Since the hall has certain design features, 8 delay lines from the EVU-1082/95 Electro Voice EVU series loudspeakers with individual settings for each of them were used for uniform sounding of the hall. The main mixer console was the Midas M32 digital mixing console, which has an excellent built-in digital processor for working with any team in a similar format of the room, and communication with the stage is carried out using the Midas DL32 digital stage box. The sound reinforcement system is controlled by the Electro Voice N8000 system controller, which is installed in the system rack together with the Electro Voice CPS 2.12 power amplifiers, which power all the acoustic systems installed in the hall. KLOTZ cable and switching equipment were used to switch all the equipment.

Since the Lucia Banquet Hall has several main rooms, as well as auxiliary and service rooms, it is equipped with a background sound system, which has its own individual control system for each zone based on the controlling computer and the AMOZzPLAYER software complex. A feature of this project was the initial configuration of the background sound system control using mobile devices of authorized personnel.

The impeccably past hot summer season and the traditionally busy autumn wedding season gives us confidence in the correctness of the solutions applied and the high quality of the installed equipment and the performed installation and commissioning works at the Lucia Banquet Hall.

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