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"Madison American Bar&Bowling" Club, Dnipro

On the eve of the New Year holidays in December 2016, in the Most City Center shopping mall in Dnipro, the unique bowling club "Madison American Bar&Bowling" was reincarnated to version 2.0. In addition to cosmetic changes and updating the equipment of the bowling alley and the bar itself, the club's management paid close attention to the club's multimedia systems. This area of work was carried out by SoundHouse together with Pro Audio Solutions, namely, individual solutions were developed for the sound system and the lighting design system.

The sound system has been completely redesigned to include Electro-Voice ZX3 speaker arrays and TX1181 subwoofers. Since the room has a large area, 5 such groups are installed in the hall, which sound the playing area. To ensure maximum invisibility of the system in the interior, our specialists have developed individual suspension systems for placing all speakers under the ceiling. Due to the spaced arrangement of the satellites and subwoofers in the suspension, the DC-One system processor was used to correct the frequency response and phase response, which controls the processing and distribution of the signal to the EV Q1212 amplifiers.

For the lighting design of the hall, a unique solution was developed for the pixel-by-pixel design of large “flying saucer” lamps above the gaming area, the ceiling structure above the bar and brick walls with LED strip, which in various colors texturally give the club an atmosphere of vibrant life and constant movement. Robe's dynamic LED "spot" heads were placed in the play area for holidays and celebrations, which were supplemented with Robe smoke generators for better rendering of the rays. Automation and remote control of lighting equipment is carried out by the Madrix software package in conjunction with the DMX control of the Daslight software controller. A distinctive feature of this system is the ability to remotely control the operation of the decorative lighting system and the entire show system, including through authorized mobile devices running iOs and Android with one touch via Wi-Fi.

Another feature of this project was a strict requirement for the terms and conditions of the work - everything had to be completed by the upcoming holidays. At the same time, the institution itself did not stop its work for a day and received visitors as usual. All work was carried out exclusively at night in strict secrecy from visitors and ended every morning with a thorough cleaning of the territory. Only on the opening day, the sparkling of the entire room with bright colors and loud music opened the eyes of visitors to how radically the familiar room has changed in the new light of "Version 2.0".

Photos taken from the website of the bowling club "Madison American Bar&Bowling"

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