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Press tour of the Bosch company at the stadiums NSC "Olympic" and "Lviv-Arena"

NSC "Olympic": the EV sound for the national arena.

Ukraine. Kyiv-Lviv. March 5-8, 2012.

In January 2012 the SoundHouse Pro company was recognized as the best installer of Electro‑Voice stadium sound systems in 2011 for the installations at two of four stadiums for games of the EURO-2012 in Ukraine: the NSC "Olympic" and "Arena Lviv". Already in March 2012 the Bosch company has arranged a press-tour for the leading sound equipment magazines and Bosch representatives to these two stadiums.

The press delegation included following journalists and magazines:

The visit to the stadiums included overview of many premises usually not available during a regular visit to the match, and of course, the technical rooms with all the elements of the sound and video surveillance systems.

The press-tour began in Kyiv, where the guests have had a tour of the NSC "Olympic" stadium and a demonstration of the stadium PA sound system based on the Electro-Voice speaker systems and electronics. Here they had the opportunity to assess the sound quality by ear and check all the nuances of the installation.

The journalists have checked and heard the speakers of the stadium sound system and noted both the choice of the speaker systems and their spatial arrangement on special trusses at different angles according to the acoustic calculations in order to create the best sound coverage in the stadium.

We are used following systems:

  • Electro-Voice EVH-1152S/66-PIW           80    pc.

  • Electro-Voice XI-2122MHA/42F               8      pc.

  • Electro-Voice EVF-1181S-PIW                  80    pc.

  • Electro-Voice EVID 6.2T                             126  pc.

  • Electro-Voice ZX1I-100T                            6      pc.

  • KLOTZ cable system


Next point of interest were the electronics RACKs in the switching rooms and a software control complex for the sound system of the entire stadium in the main control room, developed and tuned by the specialists of the Sound House Pro company.

We are used following Control  elements:


  • Electro-Voice N8000-1500-230V system controller             10  pc.

  • Electro-Voice CPS4.5-230V power amp                                 23 pc.

  • Electro-Voice CPS4.10-230V power amp                               63 pc.

  • AmozzPlayer software

  • Electro-Voice EV IRIS NET software

All those present noted the high-quality interface for managing and monitoring all elements of the system, developed by Sound House specialists based on the software Electro-Voice IRIS NET.

The Bosch representatives paid special attention to the Bosch surveillance system installations both in the control room and the operation of software and hardware complexes in the video room.

The general tour of the stadium included visit to the training halls, VIP zones, and dressing rooms with Dynamo Kyiv players' T-shirts.

At the end of the tour, the delegation members had a lunch at a sports cafe "Sport and Beer" at the stadium. This cafe was also equipped with an Electro-Voice sound system based on the TourX series by Igor Demydovych, the Sound House Pro partner in Kyiv.

The sound system consisted of 6 x TX1122 full-range systems (3 per side), 4 x TX2181 subwoofers (2 per side) and 2 x SxA360 active monitor speaker systems. The LiveX series speakers were used in a delay line and the sound amplification system included 2 x Q99 and 2 x Q1212 power amplifiers.

A special moment of this installation was the cardioid configuration of the subwoofers for a uniform low-frequency sound coverage of the entire hall. This means the lower subwoofers were turned towards each other, and the upper ones lying on top of them were turned in the opposite direction alongside the hall. This configuration allowed to create the LF signal lobes in the left and right wings of the room, to reduce the low-frequency component of the signal on the stage, and to minimize the meeting of LF signals from these subwoofers in antiphase.

The evening ended with interviews with the company's specialists.

The next morning the reporters got a flight to Lviv and after lunch they went to the second stadium.

The program of the visit also consisted of a general tour and a technical overview. The "Arena Lviv" stadium sound system's difference to NSC “Olympic” was not only in the color of the speaker systems and their total number, but also in the method of their suspension. The cabinets here were suspended on circular trusses unlike the curved constructions in Kyiv stadium which was preconditioned by a different design of the stadium itself.

The journalists also got acquainted with the switching rooms and the software control complex, have visited the operators cabin, where they particularly noted the choice of the legendary Electro-Voice RE20 microphone for the sports commentators.

After the visit to the stadium, the whole company had a tour of the Western capital of Ukraine, familiarizing with the major attractions of the city.

In the evening there was a final press conference on the peculiarities of the sound system of the Lviv stadium with the parallels to the Kyiv installation and a summary of the results of both objects.

Article about the project:


1. Helmut Seidl - head of the information department of Bosch Security.
2. Oliver Zahm - head of the Bosch Security installation department.
3. Dr. Walter Verhan - ProMediaNews reporter and Production Partner.

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