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Sound project for "Svobody" square in Mariupol for the company EXPOLIGHT

By the 242nd anniversary of the founding of the port and industrial city of Mariupol, a deep modernization of the central Freedom and Peace Square was carried out here. The new square became unique not only for Ukraine - it is the first interactive square in Europe with a multimedia installation, which includes interactive laser projection systems on the square, a 32-meter arched fountain with illumination, a 500-kilogram bronze "Bell of the World" and a Memorial to the soldiers- liberators in the form of a trident. The idea was developed by our compatriots, the lighting company Expolight from the city of Dnipro, and other companies, including the SoundHouse company, participated in the implementation.

Our company was entrusted with the development of the concept of sounding the entire square with a light-musical fountain and its implementation. Considering the possible placement points of the acoustic systems, the choice was unambiguous - only Electro-Voice systems of the Sx series in the PIX version. These are all-weather installation systems with input transformers, presented in two versions – Sx300PIX (dual-band full-range 12'' system) and Sx600PIX (Sx300PIX + 12'' subwoofer under the common front grille). Both modifications were applied in the installation.

The main part of the square is sounded by six combined Sx600PIX systems, which are located on pillars with doves, symbolizing the 25 regions of Ukraine and Crimean Autonomous Republic, and directed to the square with fountains. Two Sx300PIX support systems, mounted on poles at the sides of the square, point to the grandstand stairs behind the square, where you can comfortably sit to relax and watch the action in the square.

Every evening, a light and music show takes place on the square, accompanied by specially created musical content, and everyone can use a QR code to download the program and create their own dolphin and launch it into virtual "swimming" around the square.

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