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Complex project of multimedia systems for the ROSHEN Plaza project near Kiev

The Sound House company was involved in the project as a designer and an integrator of the sound / video / and automation systems for the fountain public space of the ROSHEN corporation on the territory of a confectionery factory in the Kiev by French light design agency Les Éclaireurs

Used equipment:

  • Fountain zone sound system: Meyer Sound, Electro-Voice, DYNACORD.

  • Audio content management system: AMOZZPLAYER.

  • Video Broadcasting System: EXTRON.

  • Video projectors: Digital Projection.

  • All-weather cases for video projectors with temperature control system: AUDIPACK.

  • Calibration system and system of video mapping on the facade of the building: VIOSO.

  • Control system and control of service parameters of all components: AMX.

  • Control system and automation of video, audio, light and fountain show: VIOSO/AMX.

  • The control system for window blinds on the façade: AMX.

  • Lighting management system for ROSHEN store entrances: AMX.​

  • Cable system: KLOTZ


Our company has cared:

  • Project documentation and design for all systems.

  • Acoustic calculation.

  • Programming of all components.

  • Installation of all components.

  • Creation of a unique software interface for the control of all components of the multimedia system.

  • Automation of the show.

  • Complex care by the project.

  • Supply of equipment.

  • Ventilation system for projectors.

  • Customer staff training

After the commissioning of the entire multimedia complex between the ROSHEN corporation and the SOUND HOUSE company, an agreement was signed on the maintenance of this complex, which allowed us to accurately keep statistics of all malfunctions, software failures and promptly respond to the state of the art. At the time of this writing, the system was running 2 years in the 24/7/365 mode without a single day of downtime (!), which was determined by the correct decisions at all stages of design, programming and commissioning.

Information about project from our parters

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