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SOHO - Island of peace in the heart of a big city

Practically in the very center of the business and industrial city of Dnipro, in the CASCADE PLAZA mall, there is an island of peace and pleasure - a hotel and restaurant complex with a SOHO fitness and SPA center.

The sophisticated and exclusive design of the center, as well as the high level of service, obliges us to keep the brand and use materials, equipment and solutions of the same high class in the design, so the management of the institution turned to our company with an order for the sound design of its premises. After the successful execution of the project and flawless installation in the Fintess & SPA halls, our project department started work on a comprehensive multi-zone and multi-functional sound system for the SOHO restaurant.

Our new project included: a background sound system for all public spaces, a separate system for karaoke, DJ work, as well as for festive events and banquets.

The multi-zone background sound system allows for individual selection of the sound signal source and control of the volume level in each of the zones.

The sound in the restaurant hall was implemented using a total of eight Electro-Voice Zx1i-90 loudspeaker systems, which were placed at strategic points around the perimeter of the restaurant hall and targeted with the overlap of sound coverage zones. Despite their compact size, these speakers have a high level of sound pressure. The restrained design of the acoustic systems perfectly fit into the refined interior of the restaurant hall and does not stand out from the general design concept.

The main difficulty during the installation was choosing a location for the Electro-Voice Sb122 subwoofers so that they would not disturb the guests of the restaurant and provide the appropriate level of sound pressure in the low-frequency range. Such a place, not surprisingly, turned out to be the ceiling, on which they were located next to a large unit of air conditioning, framed by garlands of small mirror balls.

In addition to the main hall, works were carried out on sounding the terrace of the restaurant with a view of the modern metropolis - a DJ performs here in the evenings, and background music plays during the day. The sound system was performed on four low-impedance Electro-Voice Zx1-90 speakers to maintain the overall character of the sound. Another street venue is a small summer venue, which is sounded by three compact Electro-Voice EVID 4.2 installation acoustic systems, which are quite enough to provide background sound and broadcast DJ sets from the terrace at a comfortable volume level.

The system is powered by Electro-Voice Q-66-II power amplifiers, which have proven themselves in many of our installations with high performance, reliability and, most importantly, high sound quality.

Auxiliary premises were not left behind either - sound accompanies guests in any corner of the facility, even in the restrooms. UniElectronic CSP135/2-20 ceiling speakers were installed here, fed by UniElectronic's own UMA-40 broadcast mixer-amplifier.

All the installation work was done extremely neatly, with high quality and in a clearly defined time frame, which is our business card and is highly appreciated by our customers, who turn to us again and again, and most importantly, recommend our services to their friends.

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